Comic Book Cat Names

Marvel or DC? Why choose?! This comprehensive list of comic book cat names provides inspiration from all kinds of fantasy universes. If you're big into comics and you see some of that magic in your new feline friend, this is the best place to start finding names for your kitty.

Comic Book Cat Names

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All Comic Book Cat Names

  • Heavenly moniker humorously contrasts typical feline mischief and independence.
  • Norse mythology meets Marvel superhero Thor's celestial home!
  • Superheroes unite in Marvel's popular series, inspiring feline monikers!
  • Hulk's alter ego in Marvel Universe shares this moniker.
  • This name references a shrieking, mythical creature, adding playful spookiness.
  • He's named after a funny, mischievous character from The Simpsons.
  • Humor arises from a tiny kitty having such a ferocious moniker.
  • Relates to chess, adding playful strategy to feline antics.
  • She's named after a popular Marvel superheroine.
  • Plays on quick, humorous feline movements and Marvel superhero references.
  • He's named after Batman's alter ego, a popular graphic novel character.
  • He's named after a Marvel superhero, adding a playful twist.
  • Cap
    He's named after Captain America, a popular superhero.
  • He's a beloved superhero from Marvel's illustrated stories!
  • She's named after a laugh-inducing character from a popular sitcom.
  • He's named after funnyman Charlie Chaplin, known for slapstick humor.
  • Eastwood's tough guy persona adds a playful, ironic twist for a kitty.
  • He's a one-eyed superhero from X-Men, a popular graphic novel series.
  • This name playfully nods to Mr. Darcy's prideful antics in literature.
  • Evokes laughter, referencing a scientist known for evolution theories.
  • He's named after a humorous, literal-minded Marvel superhero.
  • Marvel superhero Captain America's sidekick shares this moniker.
  • Marvel superhero Nick Fury inspired this feline moniker.
  • She's named after a green-skinned superhero from Marvel Universe.
  • This quirky moniker references a humorous bird, sparking laughter and smiles.
  • He's a beloved tree-like superhero from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Plays on popular phrase "drop the hammer," sparking laughter.
  • He's named after a funny, animated propane salesman from Texas!
  • He's a powerful mutant from X-Men series, hence a fitting moniker.
  • Named after a popular Marvel superhero archer.
  • Plays on optimism, often found in humorous contexts or characters.
  • He's a green, muscle-bound superhero from Marvel's illustrated universe!
  • Named after a villainous organization in Marvel Universe.
  • He's a frosty superhero from Marvel's X-Men series!
  • He's a popular superhero from Marvel's illustrated books!
  • She's named after a funny, iconic sitcom character, Jane Fonda!
  • Iron Man's witty AI assistant shares this moniker.
  • She's a popular X-Men character in Marvel's graphic novels.
  • This moniker nods to a fun-loving X-Men character known for fireworks!
  • She's a beloved X-Men character known for phasing through walls.
  • He's a Marvel villain with sound manipulation powers, perfect for feisty felines!
  • He's a mischievous Marvel character known for causing chaos.
  • He's named after a funny guy, comedian Louis C.K.!
  • He's a famous villain from X-Men series!
  • Star Wars character inspired, adding a playful twist to feline monikers.
  • She's a badass S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in Marvel Universe!
  • Named after Marvel's speedy superhero, Quicksilver, also known as Pietro Maximoff.
  • She's a shape-shifting superhero from X-Men series!
  • She's named after a funny character in Rocky and Bullwinkle.
  • She's named after a celestial superhero from Marvel Universe!
  • He's a teleporting superhero from the X-Men series!
  • He's named after a Norse god, adding a playful, mythical twist!
  • She's named after a funny, loud character from "Married with Children".
  • She's named after Tony Stark's assistant in Iron Man.
  • He's named after a funny TV character, Phil Dunphy.
  • Rises from ashes, just like a superhero's punchline!
  • He's named after a funny Marvel superhero, Quicksilver!
  • This fiery moniker references playful superheroes with flame powers!
  • He's a speedy superhero from Marvel's X-Men series!
  • Named after a witty, space-traveling raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Named after a DC Universe superhero, perfect for feisty felines.
  • He's named after Iron Man's funny sidekick, War Machine James Rhodes.
  • Named after a Marvel superhero's raccoon sidekick, it's playful and whimsical.
  • Named after a popular X-Men character known for rebelliousness.
  • He's named after a witty, intergalactic Marvel villain.
  • He's a fierce feline villain from X-Men series!
  • She's a Marvel superhero known for her magical powers!
  • He's named after a funny cartoon skunk, Pepe Le Pew!
  • She's named after a laugh-out-loud sitcom character!
  • Sif
    She's named after a Norse goddess, popular in Marvel Universe!
  • He's a humorous Marvel superhero known for his witty banter.
  • He's named after funnyman Carell, bringing laughter to all!
  • Named after a popular X-Men character with weather-controlling powers.
  • He's named after a Marvel supervillain, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.
  • This name nods to a humorous X-Men character, perfect for feisty felines.
  • Named after a superhero from Marvel Universe.
  • He's a purple, power-hungry villain from Marvel Universe!
  • He's a hammer-wielding superhero from Marvel's universe!
  • Naming a cat after a frog species sparks humor and irony.
  • He's named after a funny, wise-cracking tiger from cereal ads!
  • He's a villain from Marvel's Avengers series!
  • He's a superhero from Marvel Universe, known for his synthetic body.
  • She's named after a funny witch from a popular cartoon show.
  • He's a popular, clawed superhero from Marvel's X-Men series.
  • Named after a popular Marvel superhero, Professor X!
  • He's a blue-skinned space pirate from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy!

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