Striped Cat Names

Tabby cats, buckle up! This list of striped cat names is tailor-made for your beautifully striped feline, drawing inspiration from their unique coat patterns. Find a name here that mirrors the striking, linear beauty of your tabby or tiger-striped kitty.

Striped Cat Names

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All Striped Cat Names

  • The brand's logo features three parallel lines, like feline fur patterns.
  • Alvin, like the chipmunk, shares a love for mischief and stripes!
  • Stars and stripes, like on our flag, match their fur pattern!
  • Ash
    Ash resembles the grey and black streaks of a smoky bonfire.
  • Bailey means "guardian," perfect for a watchful, patterned feline!
  • Bamboo's tall stalks sport fun, alternating green and white bands.
  • Bandeau means a band or strip, just like their fur patterns!
  • Their fur patterns resemble a thief's classic disguise.
  • Bee
    Bumblebees buzz around flaunting their yellow and black coats, just like them!
  • Bengal mirrors the wild, streaky patterns of jungle tigers!
  • Their fur looks like it's been playfully splashed with paint!
  • Boo
    Boo's perfect for a feline with sneaky, ghost-like, surprise pounce moves!
  • Brandy's warm hues mirror a tiger's captivating, sun-kissed fur.
  • Cecil sounds like "sees all", perfect for a curious, watchful feline!
  • Cedar trees have bark with similar streaky patterns to their fur.
  • The pattern resembles a fun, black and white game board!
  • The game board's checkered pattern matches their fur perfectly!
  • Chester sounds like "chestnut," a color often found in their fur.
  • "Cino" sounds like "cinco", Spanish for five, like a cat's five-lined back!
  • Mud puddles and tiger streaks, a perfect mix for a feline masterpiece!
  • Dark fur with streaks resembles the patterns found in coal.
  • Coco resembles the playful pattern of a chocolate bar wrapper!
  • Cola's swirls mimic fizzy soda bubbles popping in a glass!
  • Their fur patterns resemble delicious, freshly baked chocolate chip treats.
  • Coral's vibrant hues mimic a kitty's colorful, patterned fur!
  • Sparkling patterns mirror the shimmering facets of a precious gem.
  • Dolly's playful, vibrant personality matches her lively, colorful fur.
  • Dominoes have spots, just like these felines have fun, funky patterns!
  • Dots and stripes both create fun, playful patterns!
  • Gingham's checkered pattern mirrors a kitty's alternating color bands.
  • Hazel hues match their fur, like a squirrel scampering up a tree!
  • Rainbow goddess matches their colorful, vibrant fur patterns perfectly!
  • Their fur patterns resemble classic prisoner uniforms, hinting at mischief!
  • Playful stripes mimic a tiger, making Kitty a jungle queen at home!
  • Leo
    Leo means lion, and lions have a patterned coat too!
  • Leopards are spotted, so their feline cousins share similar funky patterns!
  • Lolly mirrors the swirls and colors of a classic lollipop.
  • Stripes resemble a tiger, symbolizing good fortune and strength.
  • Mackerel fish have similar sleek, wavy lines like these felines!
  • Red planet's bands mirror feline fur patterns, fiery and mysterious!
  • Merlot's deep red hue mirrors the bold streaks on these felines.
  • Milo means "merciful", perfect for a gentle, purring companion.
  • Sneaky, swift, and silent, they blend into shadows like stealthy warriors.
  • Oakley shades often sport sleek, cool patterns, just like these felines!
  • Paisley patterns swirl like a kitty's mesmerizing, twisty-turny stripes!
  • Their fur looks like a quilt of different colored squares!
  • Glistening bands mimic precious gems nestled in an oyster's heart.
  • Their fur resembles the skin of a spud with its unique markings.
  • Colorful fur patterns mimic the vibrant hues in a sky arc.
  • They share similar black and white fur patterns with the stinky critter.
  • Sky
    Clouds streak across the blue, just like lines on a tabby!
  • Candy bar's lines mimic feline fur patterns, evoking playful sweetness.
  • Sparkly patterns twinkle like stars on their fur, just like fireworks!
  • Dots and dashes on fur resemble tiny, playful paint splatters!
  • His pointy ears resemble those of the famous Star Trek character.
  • Dots and dashes on fur mimic an artist's stippling technique!
  • Streaks of color dash across their fur like a painter's canvas.
  • The pattern on their fur resembles lines on a zebra!
  • Their fur patterns look like they've been painted with brush strokes!
  • Their fur patterns twist and turn like a delicious ice cream cone!
  • Swishes mimic the fluid, playful movement of a feline's tail.
  • Tábata means "brilliant, bright" - just like their vibrant patterns!
  • Tabby patterns remind us of this classic feline moniker.
  • Tabs resemble the lines on a tabby cat's fur.
  • Tao
    Tao means "path" in Chinese, like the lines on their fur!
  • Taz
    Taz resembles the whirlwind energy of a famous cartoon devil.
  • Resembles a cuddly, fuzzy teddy bear with alternating color patterns.
  • Mimics a tiger's markings and sounds like a cute, mini version.
  • Tigra sounds like tiger, a big cat famous for its stripes!
  • Burnt lines on bread resemble the feline's patterned fur.
  • Twig mirrors their slender bodies and bark-like, streaky fur patterns.
  • Caramel and chocolate layers mimic a feline's alternating fur pattern.
  • Tyga sounds like tiger, a big cat known for its stripes.
  • Venus, the goddess of beauty, suits pretty, patterned felines perfectly!
  • Willow trees sway, just like the wavy lines on these feline furballs!
  • Wood grain patterns mirror their fur, like a living, purring tree!
  • Their fur mimics the black and white patterns of African equines.
  • Zigzag patterns mirror the wavy lines on a tabby's coat.
  • Ziti's long, tube-like shape mirrors a cat's elongated, patterned fur.

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