British Cat Names

If you're looking for cat names that are refined, proper, and full of charm, then this list of British cat names is purrfect for you! From classic names inspired by British literature to monikers inspired by popular British TV shows, you're bound to find a name you love.

British Cat Names

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All British Cat Names

  • Popular in the UK, originates from Hebrew, means "father's joy".
  • Famous British singer known for soulful pop music and multiple Grammy wins.
  • Derived from an old Irish saint popular in medieval England.
  • Famous for a great Anglo-Saxon king and a renowned filmmaker, Hitchcock.
  • Scottish engineer known for inventing the first working television system.
  • Associated with a 1917 declaration supporting a Jewish homeland.
  • A title of nobility in the UK, often linked to land ownership.
  • Associated with royalty, notably Queen Victoria's youngest daughter.
  • Famous English footballer, married to pop star, known for fashion influence.
  • Associated with a popular UK soap opera and a cigarette brand.
  • Iconic clock tower symbolizing London and British parliamentary democracy.
  • Associated with a famous British spy character in literature and film.
  • Renowned British musician, known for his distinctive voice and eclectic style.
  • Derived from Katherine, popular in Wales and Ireland.
  • Associated with a river in Scotland and several places in England.
  • Associated with royalty, notably two kings and the current Prince of Wales.
  • Popular British royal name and a classic English literature character.
  • A historic city in England known for Roman walls and architecture.
  • Common term for fried potato slices, often served with fish.
  • Famous for portraying James Bond, a British cultural icon.
  • Associated with Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the Labour Party.
  • A character in Shakespeare's play "King Lear", symbolizing loyalty and truth.
  • A traditional British snack, often served with tea or breakfast.
  • Common British slang for "excellent" or "first-rate".
  • Title for women equivalent to knighthood in the UK honors system.
  • Associated with the Antichrist in British horror film "The Omen".
  • Associated with a popular English horse race, the Epsom Derby.
  • Associated with a popular British rapper and Irish surname origins.
  • Di
    Associated with Princess Diana, beloved figure in British history.
  • Commonly used in UK slang to describe something suspicious or unreliable.
  • Associated with Irish immigrants in Britain, not directly linked to British culture.
  • Title for wives or widows of British dukes in nobility hierarchy.
  • A high-ranking nobleman title in the United Kingdom's peerage system.
  • Associated with British royalty, notably Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine.
  • Two British queens and a famous playwright's heroine share this name.
  • Associated with iconic British musician and knight, Sir John.
  • Associated with a UK-based tech company specializing in women's health.
  • Popular British novel by Jane Austen, also common female name.
  • Associated with a prominent family in English history and media group.
  • Derived from Old English, meaning "fair" or "white".
  • Associated with popular British band Oasis' lead singers.
  • Popular in UK, derived from medieval name Gawain, meaning "white hawk".
  • Popular female name in the UK, especially during the 1980s.
  • Associated with monarchy, patron saint, and popular personal name.
  • Iconic Irish stout, popular in British pubs and associated with good times.
  • Common surname derived from "Harry's son" in English tradition.
  • Popularized in Britain, often associated with Shakespeare's play "Cymbeline".
  • Popular in the UK, derived from a Scottish river's name.
  • A traditional Scottish variant of the name Elizabeth.
  • Associated with Mick, lead singer of the Rolling Stones band.
  • Commonly used in British literature, notably in Bronte and Austen novels.
  • Associated with British singer Keely Hawes and Celtic origin meaning "slender".
  • Derived from Irish origin, popular in the United Kingdom.
  • A city in England and common surname, often indicating British heritage.
  • Associated with young boys, similar to "lad" in British English.
  • Famous British musician and member of the Beatles band.
  • Associated with Welsh origin, meaning "generous" or "benefactor".
  • Associated with Lord Byron's dramatic poem and a 1960s rock band.
  • Associated with Queen Mary and the nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary".
  • Associated with The Beatles, iconic British rock band.
  • Associated with tennis player Andy and River in Scotland.
  • Associated with Loch Ness Monster, a famous Scottish folklore creature.
  • Noira is an anagram of the English city, Arion.
  • Popularized by Shakespeare, frequently used in British literature.
  • Associated with British musician and Black Sabbath frontman, John Osbourne.
  • Famous for a bear character in children's literature and a London station.
  • A traditional British dish, often filled with meat and vegetables.
  • Associated with British royalty through Kate Middleton's sister.
  • Symbolises remembrance of soldiers who died in World War I.
  • Associated with upper-class, refined manners and speech in UK society.
  • Title for male royal family members or high-ranking nobility in UK.
  • Used for royal daughters, also a popular name for ships and pets.
  • Monarch of the United Kingdom, symbol of British heritage and tradition.
  • Quid is slang for one pound sterling in the UK.
  • Common Welsh name, often used in literature and media.
  • Associated with famous British drummer from The Beatles.
  • Refers to Scotland in Latin, used in poetry and literature.
  • Associated with a popular British street game from Liverpool.
  • Associated with Cockney rhyming slang for "American".
  • Popularized in UK through Irish singer Sinead O'Connor.
  • Commonly used in Ireland and UK, derived from Irish Gaelic language.
  • Slang term for television in the United Kingdom.
  • Associated with former UK Prime Minister and conservative policies.
  • Named after a famous queen, symbolizes a historical era in Britain.
  • Associated with a medieval English Christmas tradition of watchmen singing carols.
  • Associated with a famous animated series and Scottish independence fighter.
  • Associated with several British kings and Shakespeare, a renowned playwright.
  • Associated with iconic British Prime Minister, Churchill, and Orwell's 1984 protagonist.
  • An old English letter representing a "w" sound.

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British Cat Names: Stats

British Cat Names currently rank in 45th place out of all categories.

As of May 2024, british cat names are losing some popularity with new kitten owners. According to MeowNames stats, they are less fashionable than they were at this time last year.

We've seen quite a bit of variation for this category, which might suggest that its popularity is influenced by seasonal or cultural events.

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