Hipster Cat Names

If your cat is too cool for mainstream names, then this list of hipster cat names is sure to satisfy. From names inspired by indie bands to monikers inspired by trendy neighborhoods, this list is the purrfect source for any hipster cat parent looking for an edgy name.

Hipster Cat Names

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All Hipster Cat Names

  • Trendy slang and ironic cuteness make this feline moniker a cool choice.
  • This moniker screams vintage charm, echoing Batman's cool, cultured butler.
  • Ami
    Uncommon, quirky, and with a Japanese origin, screams non-mainstream coolness.
  • Named after a famous poet, it screams intellectual coolness and uniqueness.
  • Echoes trendy urban cycling culture, with a dash of vintage charm.
  • Coffee culture and indie vibes make this feline moniker trendy.
  • Uncommon, vintage vibe, nods to old-school sophistication and literary roots.
  • Named after a trendy Italian bicycle brand, oozing urban coolness.
  • Uncommon, with a nod to Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.
  • Named after a trendy New York borough known for its creative scene.
  • Named after a countercultural poet, oozing coolness and nonconformity.
  • Unconventional, nods to nature and Transformers, oozing with indie cool vibes.
  • Unconventional and cool, it's a nod to beatnik poet, Kerouac.
  • Uncommon, quirky, and inspired by a cool 90's movie character.
  • Named after a trendy Italian bike brand, it screams urban cool.
  • Uncommon, quirky, and a nod to vintage machinery, perfect for cool cats.
  • Unconventional and edgy, it's a nod to indie rock band Crawl.
  • Old-school charm meets modern quirkiness, just like a vinyl-spinning, beard-sporting trendsetter.
  • Unconventional, evoking nature's beauty, and not mainstream, like vinyl records.
  • Dom
    Unconventional and cool, it echoes vintage charm and indie culture vibes.
  • This moniker screams indie charm, echoing cool Saint Dominic vibes.
  • Draws from classic literature, yet uncommon, making it ironically cool.
  • Unconventional, edgy, and inspired by wanderlust, perfect for indie culture lovers.
  • Named after cool author Dave Eggers, it screams indie literary vibes.
  • Uncommon, biblical, and oozing with indie charm, perfect for a feline nonconformist.
  • Mountain monikers are trendy, unique, and ooze cool-cat vibes.
  • This moniker screams vintage cool, harking back to classic cartoons.
  • Named after fixed-gear bikes, popular in alternative urban subcultures.
  • Uncommon, edgy, and reminiscent of cool vintage vibes.
  • Exotic superfood reference makes it trendy and offbeat, appealing to nonconformists.
  • Han
    Solo's cool, unconventional vibe makes this Star Wars moniker a standout.
  • Uncommon, Japanese origin, and nods to famed novelist Murakami.
  • This techy moniker screams unconventional, just like a beanie-wearing coder.
  • Reflects a trendy, unconventional subculture often associated with indie music.
  • Named after a trendy London district, it screams urban cool and uniqueness.
  • Echoes vintage culture with a nod to retro automobiles and rebellious spirit.
  • Unconventional choice, nods to vintage trends and ironic love for dogs.
  • Uncommon, vintage charm with a dash of indie rock band vibes.
  • Trendy health food craze meets feline nomenclature in a quirky twist.
  • Named after a Beat Generation author, oozing cool nonconformity vibes.
  • She's named after a trendy, indie-folk band's lead singer.
  • Unconventional and edgy, she's named after Fast and Furious' cool rebel.
  • Old-fashioned, quirky charm makes this feline moniker a non-mainstream choice.
  • Uncommon, exotic origin, and coffee connection make it appealing to trendsetters.
  • Uncommon, edgy, and inspired by Italian luxury car brand Maserati.
  • Echoes vintage charm, often favored by those seeking unique, non-mainstream choices.
  • Named after a trendy, avant-garde literary journal, oozes cool nonchalance.
  • Named after a Transformers villain, it's quirky, unconventional and retro-cool.
  • Uncommon, quirky, and with a touch of vintage charm.
  • Unconventional and edgy, evoking late-night indie music gigs and moonlit adventures.
  • Unconventional and tech-savvy, it's a playful nod to gaming lingo.
  • Uncommon, vintage vibe, nods to Roman history and trendy TV shows.
  • Unconventional, quirky, and reminiscent of vintage charm and artisanal food trends.
  • Uncommon, vintage gemstone names are trendy among unconventional pet owners.
  • Named after a cool, retro Transformer, it's quirky and non-traditional.
  • Named after a famed author, it screams intellectual coolness and uniqueness.
  • Unconventional and cool, it's a nod to famed writer Wilde.
  • Named after a mathematician, it's quirky, intellectual, and offbeat.
  • Vintage charm and indie vibes make this feline moniker cool and unique.
  • Poe
    Edgar Allan Poe's dark, quirky vibe screams unconventional coolness.
  • Uncommon, quirky, and reminiscent of vibrant, offbeat flowers.
  • She's named after Elvis's queen, oozing vintage charm and non-mainstream appeal.
  • Ricky channels retro vibes, echoing cool cats like Ricky Ricardo.
  • Unconventional, vintage charm makes this feline moniker a cool, offbeat choice.
  • Derived from a trendy spice, it's unique and oozes cool-cat vibes.
  • Uncommon, edgy, and inspired by a cool Brazilian football club.
  • Echoes vintage charm, nods to classic literature, and defies mainstream trends.
  • Unconventional and artsy, this moniker mirrors a coffee-stained indie album cover.
  • Draws from Star Wars, yet remains unique and offbeat.
  • Unconventional, quirky, and inspired by a character from The Matrix.
  • Unconventional, nods to vintage machinery, and oozes indie charm.
  • Unconventional, nods to vintage saintly charm, yet oozes modern indie coolness.
  • Uncommon, edgy, and evokes images of vintage bikes and artisan coffee.
  • Uncommon, Swedish origin, and echoes actor Skarsgård's indie film vibe.
  • Uncommon, French origin, and oozes indie charm, just like vinyl records.
  • Ancient Greek roots and offbeat charm make this name uniquely cool.
  • Fast and Furious reference, not mainstream for felines, screams unique coolness.
  • Shortened from "totally", it's trendy slang, often used ironically.
  • Uncommon, vintage vibe, and a nod to truth-seeking indie culture.
  • Uncommon, edgy, and a nod to cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Hipster Cat Names currently rank in 25th place out of all MeowNames.com categories.

As of May 2024, hipster cat names are losing some popularity with new kitten owners. According to MeowNames stats, they are less fashionable than they were at this time last year.

We've seen quite a bit of variation for this category, which might suggest that its popularity is influenced by seasonal or cultural events.

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