What does Olive mean?

evergreen tree cultivated in the Mediterranean region since antiquity and now elsewhere; has edible shiny black fruits

What's the origin of Olive?


How is Olive pronounced?


What does it say about you to have a cat named Olive?

Some people might think that naming your cat Olive means that you are a bit of a hippy, while others might think that it is simply a cute name.

Is Olive a good cat name?

Olive has two syllables, which most vets and trainers tend to recommend. The name also ends in a vowel sound, so it's easy for your kitty to recognize. Olive isn't one of the most common cat names, so your kitty will make waves! If you love the name, you should pick it!

Olive is found in these categories:

food cat names

Named after a tasty, edible fruit enjoyed in Mediterranean cuisine.

biblical cat names

Mount of Olives is a significant location in the Bible.

alcohol cat names

Martini garnishes inspire many feline monikers!

playful cat names

Green olives bounce and roll, just like frisky felines chasing their tails.

hipster cat names

Unconventional, quirky, and reminiscent of vintage charm and artisanal food trends.

cute cat names

Evokes a small, round, and adorable green fruit.


Based on likes, Olive ranks #380 with users of MeowNames.com.

Naming your cat Olive isn't unheard of, but our data suggests that it's a pretty niche choice.

Popularity: Historical Trend

Olive was, over the past 30 days, the 750th ranked cat name for views on MeowNames.com.

As of May 2024, Olive is becoming rarer and less popular with new kitten owners. Our stats reveal that the moniker is less fashionable than it was at this time last year.

We've seen quite a bit of variance in rank for this name. That might suggest its popularity is based on seasonal factors or perhaps pop culture events.

In the past week, Olive was viewed 27 times, and liked 5 times.

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