Fat Cat Names

Some cats just love to eat -- and if you've got a tubby one on your hands, this list of fat cat names provides some hilarious naming options. It's packed with cute and cheeky names that celebrate the cuddly, chubby charm of your cat.

Fat Cat Names

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All Fat Cat Names

  • Bacon is greasy, delicious, and loved, just like chubby kitties!
  • Bears are big, cuddly, and love to snack, just like chunky kitties!
  • They're large, fierce and rule their territory like jungle kings!
  • Beefcake suggests a chunky, muscular feline with a hearty appetite.
  • Beefy suggests a chunky, meaty kitty with a robust, hearty physique.
  • Big tummies wobble like jelly, just like these chunky feline friends!
  • Bertha sounds big, cuddly, and perfect for a chunky feline!
  • He's a chunky champ, a hefty hero, a colossal kitty king!
  • Big burgers equal big bellies, just like our chunky feline friends!
  • Biggie implies large size, while Smalls adds a playful, ironic twist.
  • Blimpy suggests a round, plump, and cuddly feline friend.
  • Bon bons are sweet, round treats, much like plump, cuddly kitties.
  • Strong and hefty, these kitties are powerhouses of cuddly fluff.
  • Bruiser suggests a big, strong, and slightly intimidating presence.
  • Bubba suggests a big, cuddly, and lovable nature, perfect for chunky felines.
  • Bulls are big, strong and hefty, just like chunky felines!
  • Strong and hefty, they're big-boned felines with a robust charm!
  • Burritos are stuffed full, just like these chunky, cuddly kitties!
  • Butch suggests toughness, like a big, burly bouncer at a club.
  • Smooth, creamy, and spreads easily when warm, just like a chubby kitty!
  • Butterball suggests roundness, softness, and a love for indulgent eating.
  • Cats love butter, and pudgy paws often drop things!
  • Buttersworth suggests buttery smoothness and a hefty, syrupy sweetness.
  • Cannoli are plump, sweet Italian pastries, much like chubby kitties!
  • Chalupa mirrors a chunky, stuffed Mexican dish, perfect for plump felines.
  • Cheese is rich and indulgent, just like plump, pampered kitties!
  • Cheeseburgers are juicy, hefty, and loved much like plump felines.
  • Cheesy snack resemblance, both round and delightfully orange!
  • Chubalub sounds like a cuddly, round, purring ball of fluff.
  • Plays on tough guy image, while hinting at a hefty, cuddly physique.
  • Sweet, round, and indulgent, just like a plump, pampered kitty.
  • Colossal suggests a huge size, just like our chunky feline friends!
  • Cookies are sweet, round, and often associated with overindulgence.
  • Crisco is slick, smooth, and adds richness, just like plump kitties!
  • Croissants are fluffy, round, and delightfully buttery, just like chunky kitties.
  • Round bellies and plump sides give cats a charming, curvaceous silhouette.
  • Heavy like a truck, slow to start but powerful when moving.
  • Round, sweet, and irresistible, just like a chubby, cuddly kitty.
  • These chunky felines resemble the popular, triangle-shaped, cheesy snack.
  • Doughboy suggests soft, squishy roundness, like a plump, kneaded loaf.
  • Sweet like candy, perfect for a plump, cuddly furball.
  • Dumplings are round, plump, and irresistibly squishy, just like chunky felines.
  • Eggo waffles are round and fluffy, just like chubby kitties!
  • Daddy implies size, while fat suggests a round, cuddly feline.
  • Mama signifies abundance, mirroring a cat's hefty, cuddly size.
  • Tony oozes wealth and indulgence, just like pampered, plump felines.
  • Sounds like "fit you", playfully suggesting the cat needs fitness.
  • Flabby suggests a soft, squishy, and cuddly kitty belly.
  • Cats named Fridge love chowing down and chilling, just like real fridges!
  • Big, monstrous size and appetite liken them to the famous beast.
  • Goliath was a giant, so big kitties share his colossal size!
  • "Gordo" means "chubby" in Spanish, perfect for plump felines!
  • Cheese is rich and indulgent, just like plump, pampered kitties!
  • Grande means big in Spanish, perfect for chunky felines!
  • Grasso means chubby in Italian, perfect for plump kitties!
  • Hammy hints at a love for ham, often linked with chunkiness.
  • Hearty suggests a big, robust, and love-filled feline.
  • Sweet and chunky like a chocolate bar, perfect for cuddly kitties.
  • Hippos are big, round, and love lounging around, just like chubby kitties!
  • Both are round, juicy, and loved for their delightful squishiness.
  • Big, green superhero mirrors their large, round bellies and strong presence.
  • Jelly wobbles and squishes, just like a chubby kitty's belly!
  • Plump felines ooze charm, much like a ripe, succulent fruit.
  • Jumbo screams big, cuddly, and larger-than-life feline fluffiness!
  • Kong suggests size, strength, and a commanding presence.
  • Mac
    Mac is short for macaroni, a beloved, carb-heavy comfort food.
  • Margarine spreads easily, just like cats sprawling over your favorite chair!
  • Soft, fluffy, and sweet, just like the sugary treat!
  • Matzo swells up when wet, just like chubby kitties with food!
  • Hearty, chunky, and filling, just like a well-fed feline friend.
  • They're huge, scary eaters gobbling up food like terrifying beasts!
  • Moose are big and hefty, just like some cuddly, chunky kitties!
  • Cheesy snack often linked with lounging and overindulgence, perfect for plump felines.
  • Orcas are big, round, and love to lounge around, just like chunky kitties!
  • Spreadable, creamy, and chunky, just like our round, cuddly feline friends.
  • Pepperoni rolls round and juicy, just like a chubby, cuddly kitty.
  • Pig
    Pigs love to eat and lounge, just like chubby kitties!
  • Piglet suggests a chubby, cuddly creature, perfect for plump felines.
  • Pillsbury Doughboy's squishy belly mirrors a plump kitty's roundness.
  • Porkshop suggests a chubby kitty, full of juicy, meaty cuddles.
  • He's tough and chunky, just like the action hero!
  • Reese mirrors a chunky, chocolatey peanut butter cup treat.
  • Rex
    Rex means king, perfect for a big, royal feline!
  • Rhinos are big, sturdy creatures, just like chunky, cuddly kitties!
  • Round and plump, they resemble a stuffed, juicy breakfast link.
  • Lazy, slow-moving, and always ready for a nap!
  • Snickers is a chunky, sweet treat, just like plump, cuddly kitties!
  • Spuds are round and plump, just like chunky, cuddly kitties!
  • Taba translates to chubby in Filipino, perfect for plump kitties!
  • Tacos are stuffed full, just like plump kitties with extra fluff!
  • Big, sturdy, and slow-moving, just like a military vehicle.
  • Resembles a chubby, rolled-up, delicious Mexican snack.
  • Round and plump like a potato, they waddle more than walk.
  • He's a hefty god known for his mighty, larger-than-life presence.
  • Their loud purrs and heavy steps mimic a storm's rumble.
  • Tubbs sounds like tubby, hinting at a round, cuddly kitty.
  • Turkey is a big, juicy bird, just like chubby kitties!
  • Cream-filled snack cakes are sweet, soft, and round, just like chubby felines.
  • Whopper suggests a big, hefty size, just like chunky felines.

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