Black Cat Names

Black cats are often associated with magic, mystery, and superstition, making them a popular choice for Halloween or witchy-themed names. If you're looking for the purrfect name for your sleek and beautiful feline friend, try this list of black cat names.

Black Cat Names

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All Black Cat Names

  • Magic, mystery, and mischief swirl around these feline enchanters.
  • Ace
    Ace cards are often dark and symbolize mystery, just like felines.
  • Mysterious magic and enchanting allure swirl around this feline moniker.
  • Heavy, strong, and tough - just like a real-life iron block!
  • Ash
    Ash resembles the dark, smoky remnants of a fiery blaze.
  • Asher means "happy" and "blessed", perfect for lucky, midnight furballs!
  • Ashes resemble their dark fur and mysterious, smoky allure.
  • Ashes are gray, like a stormy night's furball prowling about.
  • Ashes' hue matches their sleek, midnight fur perfectly!
  • Aumoe means "midnight" in Hawaiian, perfect for shadowy felines!
  • Batubara means coal in Indonesian, matching their dark, glossy fur!
  • Cats enchant us with their mysterious, magical charm, like a spell!
  • They cast a spell with their mysterious charm and enchanting eyes.
  • This pirate-inspired moniker suits dark-furred, adventurous felines perfectly!
  • Dark, juicy fruit mirrors their sleek fur and mysterious charm.
  • Mysterious, sleek, and nocturnal, just like their feathered namesake.
  • The name matches their dark, midnight fur perfectly!
  • The card game's winning number, 21, signifies luck and mystery.
  • Dark as night, they vanish like a power outage, hence "Blackout".
  • They sneak around unseen, like unnoticed areas in your vision.
  • Cameo suggests mystery, elegance, and a standout presence, like midnight felines.
  • Carbon is dark and mysterious, just like our feline friends!
  • Charcoal's dark, smoky hue matches the sleek fur of these felines.
  • Cinders evoke images of dark, smoky remnants from a fiery blaze.
  • Clair means bright and clear, a playful contrast for shadowy felines.
  • Coal is dark, shiny, and perfect for a mysterious feline friend.
  • They're mysterious, magical, and can seemingly vanish into thin air!
  • Corvo means crow in Italian, a bird known for its dark feathers.
  • Crows are dark, mysterious birds, just like these stealthy felines!
  • Crypts are spooky and mysterious, just like our feline friends!
  • Dark fur makes them unseen, like an eerie, mysterious void.
  • Dark fur mirrors the mystery and finality associated with mortality.
  • Devilish charm and mystery make this a purr-fect fit for shadowy felines.
  • They're mischievous, love rolling around, and often come home grubby.
  • Doce means sweet in Portuguese, perfect for cuddly, dark felines!
  • Mysterious and elusive, they embody the whimsy and wonder of dreams.
  • Dust evokes mystery, stealth, and the softness of a feline's fur.
  • Ebano means ebony in Spanish, reflecting their sleek, dark fur.
  • Ebony is a dark, glossy wood, perfect for sleek, mysterious felines.
  • Eclipse suggests darkness, mystery, and a captivating celestial event.
  • Eight ball matches their sleek, dark fur and mysterious, playful nature.
  • Mysterious and puzzling, just like a riddle wrapped in shadows.
  • Fantoom means ghost in Dutch, perfect for sneaky, night-loving felines!
  • Cats are mysterious, and fate is unpredictable, just like them.
  • Friesian cows are dark and shiny, just like these mysterious felines!
  • Fuligem means soot in Portuguese, matching their dark, smoky fur.
  • Fumuriu means "smoky" in Romanian, perfect for shadowy felines!
  • Grimalkin means old, female, and mysterious, just like spooky felines!
  • Habeen means "night" in Somali, perfect for shadowy felines!
  • Hiili means coal in Finnish, perfect for a sooty feline!
  • They defy age with their sleek, timeless coats and mysterious allure.
  • Ink
    Ink is dark, mysterious and spreads smoothly, just like these felines.
  • Inkspot mirrors their dark, splotchy fur and mysterious, playful nature.
  • Inkwell suggests a deep, dark hue, like a feline's glossy coat.
  • Inky resembles the dark hue of spilled ink.
  • Jet
    Jet is sleek, fast, and mysterious, just like a stealthy feline.
  • Karasu means crow in Japanese, a bird known for its dark feathers.
  • Kedarra means "dark" in Arabic, perfect for shadowy felines!
  • Kohl is a dark, mysterious eyeliner, just like our feline friends!
  • Komir means "dark and mysterious" in a foreign language.
  • Kopi means coffee in Indonesian, matching their dark, rich fur.
  • Layla means "night" in Arabic, perfect for shadowy, mysterious felines.
  • Sweet, dark, and mysterious, just like the tasty treat!
  • They're mysterious, enchanting, and bring luck like a spell!
  • Magie oozes mystery, charm and enchantment, just like midnight felines!
  • Masizi means "darkness" in Zulu, perfect for shadowy felines!
  • They're sneaky, mysterious, and always up to some midnight mischief!
  • Mesánychta means "midnight" in Greek, perfect for shadowy felines!
  • Midnight in Italian, perfect for a dark, mysterious, night-loving feline.
  • Dark as night, mysterious and silent, just like the stroke of twelve.
  • Mitternacht means midnight in German, perfect for shadowy felines!
  • Moemiti means "dark beauty" in Tahitian, perfect for shadowy felines!
  • Moonlight mirrors their sleek, mysterious charm and night prowling habits.
  • Silent and mysterious, they move like shadows under the moonlight.
  • Cats are secretive, and the color adds an extra dash of enigma.
  • They're secretive, elusive, and full of surprising, enigmatic charm.
  • Mystic suggests mystery, magic, and enchantment, just like shadowy felines.
  • Mystique suggests mystery, stealth, and allure, just like shadowy felines.
  • Nacht means night in German, perfect for shadowy, mysterious felines!
  • Natt means night in Swedish, perfect for shadowy, midnight prowlers!
  • They raise the dead and love the night, just like spooky wizards!
  • Dark as night, mysterious, and linked to Edgar Allan Poe's spooky poem.
  • Sneaky and mysterious, they prowl at night, causing spooky, dream-like frights.
  • Dark, mysterious, and deadly, just like the poisonous plant!
  • Dark fur mirrors the star-speckled evening canvas, mysterious and enchanting.
  • Stealthy, mysterious, and quick, they blend into the night like shadows.
  • Noche means night in Spanish, perfect for shadowy, mysterious felines!
  • Noctis means night in Latin, perfect for shadowy, mysterious felines!
  • Noir means dark and mysterious in French, just like them!
  • Obsidian mirrors a cat's sleek, shiny coat and mysterious, dark allure.
  • Oluja means storm, perfect for mysterious, unpredictable feline friends!
  • Ombra means shadow in Italian, perfect for stealthy, night-loving felines!
  • They're often linked to superstitions, signaling spooky future events.
  • Onyx is a dark, shiny gemstone, just like our feline friends!
  • Orca whales' sleek, dark bodies mirror those of midnight felines.
  • Orchid symbolizes mystery, elegance, and exotic beauty, just like midnight felines.
  • Panthers are sleek, mysterious, and share the same midnight fur.
  • Pepe oozes mystery, just like a shadowy, midnight feline prowler.
  • Pepper-colored fur matches this spicy, German-inspired moniker perfectly!
  • They're stealthy, mysterious, and vanish like ghosts in the night.
  • Pipar means pepper, mirroring their dark, spicy charm!
  • Pitch mirrors the darkness of night, perfect for stealthy feline prowlers.
  • Pepper in French, it matches their dark, spicy charm!
  • Polnoch means midnight in Russian, perfect for shadowy felines!
  • Raaf means raven in Dutch, a bird known for its dark feathers.
  • Ravens are dark, mysterious birds, just like these feline friends!
  • Schorl is a dark, mysterious gem, just like our feline friends!
  • Shabah means "ghost" in Arabic, perfect for sneaky, night-loving felines!
  • Shade mirrors their dark fur and sneaky, night prowler nature.
  • They blend into the night like unseen whispers on a moonless evening.
  • They blend into the shadows, appearing as mysterious, dark outlines.
  • Skugga means shadow in Icelandic, perfect for stealthy, night-loving felines!
  • Mysterious, elusive, and dark as a moonless night, just like wispy shadows.
  • Their fur resembles the color of charcoal after a cozy fire.
  • Smudge mirrors their dark, inky fur, like a charcoal drawing mishap!
  • Sombra means shadow in Spanish, perfect for stealthy, night-loving felines!
  • Soot is dark and mysterious, just like our feline friends!
  • Spades in cards are dark, mysterious, and considered lucky!
  • Mystical felines often enchant us with their captivating, magical charm.
  • They're mysterious, like shadows in the night, perfect for Halloween frights!
  • Dark fur resembles a night sky sprinkled with twinkling, mysterious spots.
  • Dark, mysterious, and unpredictable, just like a wild weather event.
  • They're often linked to spooky tales and unlucky omens.
  • Swart means dark and mysterious in Dutch, perfect for shadowy felines!
  • Resembles smooth, dark roads under moonlit skies, sleek and mysterious.
  • Tautog, a dark fish, mirrors the sleek, shadowy charm of feline friends.
  • Tempestas means storm, perfect for mysterious, unpredictable felines.
  • Tenebris means "darkness" in Latin, perfect for shadowy felines!
  • Umbra means shadow, perfect for a sneaky, night-loving feline!
  • They're stealthy, mysterious, and love to swoop in on unsuspecting prey!
  • Mysterious, solitary, and dark, they're like a widow in the night.
  • Mystical aura, midnight fur, and enchanting eyes scream magical charm!
  • Yoru means night in Japanese, perfect for shadowy felines!

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As of May 2024, black cat names are losing some popularity with new kitten owners. According to MeowNames stats, they are less fashionable than they were at this time last year.

We've seen quite a bit of variation for this category, which might suggest that its popularity is influenced by seasonal or cultural events.

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