What does Shadow mean?

a spy employed to follow someone and report their movements

What's the origin of Shadow?


How is Shadow pronounced?


What does it say about you to have a cat named Shadow?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people might say that it suggests that you are secretive or that you are interested in the dark side of life. Others might say that it suggests that you are a bit of a mystery or that you are shadowy in your appearance.

Is Shadow a good cat name?

Shadow has two syllables, which most vets and trainers tend to recommend. Shadow is a widely adored cat name for obvious reasons. If you like it, go for it!

Shadow is found in these categories:

traditional cat names

Often chosen for black cats, reflecting their stealthy, mysterious nature.

black cat names

They blend into the night like unseen whispers on a moonless evening.

gothic cat names

Dark, mysterious undertones align with classic eerie, supernatural themes.

tortoiseshell cat names

Their dark, mottled fur mimics the elusive, shifting patterns of shadows.

celestial cat names

Darkness is a key element in space and night sky imagery.

spooky cat names

Darkness and mystery often evoke fear, just like Halloween night.


Based on likes, Shadow ranks #8 with users of

It goes without saying that Shadow is one of the most loved and popular cat names across the globe.

Popularity: Historical Trend

Shadow was, over the past 30 days, the 133rd ranked cat name for views on

As of May 2024, Shadow is a name that's increasing in popularity with new kitten owners. According to our stats, it's more fashionable than it was at this time last year.

We've seen quite a bit of variance in rank for this name. That might suggest its popularity is based on seasonal factors or perhaps pop culture events.

In the past week, Shadow was viewed 28 times, and liked 6 times.

Cat names like Shadow:

Meaning: A dark, smoky color.
Meaning: United States minimalist painter (born in 1936)
Meaning: capital of the state of Oregon in the northwestern part of the state on the Willamette River
Meaning: Mysterious, eerie, or supernatural.
Meaning: characterized by violent emotions or behavior
Meaning: something existing in perception only

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