Small Cat Names

If your kitty is on the small side, you'll love browsing this list of small cat names. Whether your cat is a delicate ball of fluff or a pint-sized powerhouse, you're sure to find the perfect name to match their small but mighty personality!

Small Cat Names

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All Small Cat Names

  • Bean is cute, tiny, and fits perfectly in your hand, like a kitty!
  • Binky sounds cute, playful, and perfectly suits a tiny, fluffy feline.
  • Bitsy sounds like tiny, perfect for a pint-sized, purring furball.
  • Bittles sounds like little bits, perfect for tiny, fluffy felines!
  • Bo
    Bo is short, sweet, easy to call, and perfect for tiny felines.
  • Bo-bo sounds cute, playful, and cuddly, just like tiny kittens!
  • Cats are nimble, like bones dancing in a lively skeleton jig.
  • Boo-boo sounds cute, playful, and perfectly suits tiny, mischievous felines.
  • Bootie suggests cuteness, playfulness, and a tiny, cuddly nature.
  • Chickpeas are tiny, round, and cute, just like little feline friends!
  • Dinky means tiny, perfect for pint-sized, fluffy feline friends!
  • They're playful, cute, and their movements resemble squiggly lines.
  • Dot
    Tiny speck of fluff, just like a dot on a page!
  • Half a pint equals tiny size, perfect for pint-sized feline friends!
  • They're fiery, sassy, and radiate warmth just like a hot cat!
  • Itsy suggests tininess, like a playful, pint-sized, purring pet.
  • Cats are sweet, colorful, and bring joy, just like candy beans.
  • They're tiny predators, hunting bugs and toys with fierce determination!
  • Tiny size and playful nature make this moniker a purr-fect fit!
  • Mini signifies tiny size, perfect for pint-sized, cuddly kittens.
  • Minnie sounds like mini, hinting at a petite, pint-sized kitty.
  • They're tiny, quick, and love to sneak around just like rodents!
  • Munchkins are tiny, adorable furballs with short, stubby legs.
  • Cats love nibbling, and this name captures their playful, snack-loving nature.
  • Cats love to playfully bite, just like tiny, quick snacks!
  • Tiny, golden, precious - just like a real gold nugget!
  • Peanuts are tiny, cute, and loved by all, just like kittens!
  • Tiny, cute, and smooth, just like a river stone!
  • Pee-wee sounds tiny, cute, and playful, just like kittens!
  • Pixels are tiny, just like kittens, and both can be colorful!
  • Pixies are tiny, playful, and magical, just like petite feline friends!
  • Poupon sounds like "pouf", evoking fluffy, cuddly kittens.
  • Cats are playful tricksters, full of mischief and cheeky antics.
  • This moniker perfectly suits pint-sized, whiskered furballs with tiny paws.
  • Slim felines often resemble a thin, lean figure, hence "Skinny".
  • Colorful, playful, and sweet, just like the candy and kittens.
  • Smidgen means a tiny bit, perfect for pint-sized, fluffy felines!
  • Merges "smidge", meaning tiny bit, with pet, perfect for mini felines!
  • They're quick, nimble, and love to pounce, just like eight-legged critters!
  • Teeny sounds like tiny, perfect for pint-sized, whiskered furballs!
  • She's petite, playful, and sprinkles magic just like a fairy!
  • Tinky sounds tiny, cute, and playful, just like a kitten!
  • Tiny captures their petite size and adorable, pint-sized charm.
  • Weenie suggests tininess, like a mini hotdog, perfect for petite felines!
  • Cats move quietly, like secrets shared in hushed tones.

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Small Cat Names: Stats

Small Cat Names currently rank in 49th place out of all categories.

As of May 2024, small cat names are losing some popularity with new kitten owners. According to MeowNames stats, they are less fashionable than they were at this time last year.

We've seen quite a bit of variation for this category, which might suggest that its popularity is influenced by seasonal or cultural events.

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