What does Luna mean?

(Roman mythology) the goddess of the Moon; counterpart of Greek Selene

What's the origin of Luna?


How is Luna pronounced?


What does it say about you to have a cat named Luna?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people might say that Luna symbolizes the moon, which is associated with femininity and intuition. Others might say that the name suggests the brightness of the moon, or that it is simply a pretty name.

Is Luna a good cat name?

Luna has two syllables, which most vets and trainers tend to recommend. The name also ends in a vowel sound, so it's easy for your kitty to recognize. Luna is a widely adored cat name for obvious reasons. If you like it, go for it!

Luna is found in these categories:

mythical cat names

She's named after the Roman goddess of the moon!

gothic cat names

Moonlit nights and eerie beauty link it to dark, mysterious themes.

cute cat names

Moon-inspired moniker, evokes softness and charm, popularized by Harry Potter's character.

white cat names

Moon's glow matches their fur, making them night's soft, radiant companions.

tortoiseshell cat names

Moon-like patches mirror night sky on their multicolored fur.

fall cat names

Moon's descent mirrors this celestial moniker's connection to autumnal equinox.

playful cat names

Moon's whimsical nature mirrors a kitten's mischievous, energetic antics.

celestial cat names

Moon's Latin name is Luna, making it a heavenly moniker.

unique cat names

Moon-inspired moniker, popular among witches in Harry Potter series!

spooky cat names

Moon association evokes darkness, mystery, and popular witchy folklore.

shy cat names

Moon's quiet glow mirrors their gentle, reserved nature.

traditional cat names

Moon-inspired monikers have been favored for felines for centuries.


Based on likes, Luna ranks #74 with users of

Luna is one of the more common cat names amongst our community. According to our statistics, Luna is considerably more popular than most other cat names.

Popularity: Historical Trend

Luna was, over the past 30 days, the 3rd ranked cat name for views on

As of May 2024, Luna is a name that's increasing in popularity with new kitten owners. According to our stats, it's more fashionable than it was at this time last year.

In general, this name has stayed pretty consistent in terms of popularity with visitors.

In the past week, Luna was viewed 40 times, and liked 9 times.

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Meaning: Beautiful, charming, delightful.
Meaning: any liliaceous plant of the genus Lilium having showy pendulous flowers
Meaning: incomplete skeleton of female found in eastern Ethiopia in 1974
Meaning: a coin worth one-hundredth of the value of the basic unit
Meaning: Feminine, strong, beautiful.
Meaning: A zodiac constellation.

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Adrianna (Pennsylvania, United States)
I think Luna is an adorable name for a black cat, and I have a stuffed cat named Luna. She is so soft and cuddly and loves snuggling with me along with my stuffed cheetah, nala at bed every night, and she is also my favorite stuffed animal, and Luna is my second favorite name after Bella.
February 20, 2024

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