What does Jehovah mean?

a name for the God of the Old Testament as transliterated from the Hebrew consonants YHVH

What's the origin of Jehovah?


How is Jehovah pronounced?


What does it say about you to have a cat named Jehovah?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on your personal beliefs and values. Some people might find the name Jehovah to be blasphemous, while others might find it to be humorous or ironic.

Is Jehovah a good cat name?

Jehovah has more syllables than most cat names, but if you want to make the name shorter, you can always give your cat a nickname. Jehovah isn't one of the most common cat names, so your kitty will make waves! If you love the name, you should pick it!

Jehovah is found in these categories:

spiritual cat names

This name originates from Hebrew, representing the Christian God.


Based on likes, Jehovah ranks #2,655 with users of

Jehovah is not a common cat name. If you love to stand out, this is a very good thing!

Popularity: Historical Trend

Jehovah was, over the past 30 days, the 925th ranked cat name for views on

As of June 2024, Jehovah is becoming rarer and less popular with new kitten owners. Our stats reveal that the moniker is less fashionable than it was at this time last year.

We've seen quite a bit of variance in rank for this name. That might suggest its popularity is based on seasonal factors or perhaps pop culture events.

In the past week, Jehovah was viewed 6 times, and liked 1 times.

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Meaning: a village in Palestine near the north end of the Dead Sea; in the Old Testament it was the first place taken by the Israelites under Joshua as they entered the Promised Land
Meaning: Popular nickname for Jones.
Meaning: (Roman mythology) supreme god of Romans; counterpart of Greek Zeus
Meaning: 3rd President of the United States; chief drafter of the Declaration of Independence; made the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and sent out the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore it (1743-1826)
Meaning: God has Given
Meaning: A diminutive form of the name "Joseph," meaning "God will increase."

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