What does Cooper mean?

United States film actor noted for his portrayals of strong silent heroes (1901-1961)

What's the origin of Cooper?


How is Cooper pronounced?


What does it say about you to have a cat named Cooper?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people might say that Cooper represents the qualities of independence and resourcefulness, while others might say that it is a name that is easy to remember and relate to.

Is Cooper a good cat name?

Cooper has two syllables, which most vets and trainers tend to recommend. Cooper is a widely adored cat name for obvious reasons. If you like it, go for it!

Cooper is found in these categories:

white cat names

Cooper evokes images of fluffy clouds and fresh, creamy milk.

musical cat names

Echoes Alice Cooper, a rock legend known for theatrical performances.

tortoiseshell cat names

Cooper mirrors the mixed hues of copper found in their fur.

traditional cat names

Popular for decades, it's a classic choice linked to barrel makers.


Based on likes, Cooper ranks #151 with users of

Cooper is one of the more common cat names amongst our community. According to our statistics, Cooper is considerably more popular than most other cat names.

Popularity: Historical Trend

Cooper was, over the past 30 days, the 181st ranked cat name for views on

As of July 2024, Cooper is a name that's increasing in popularity with new kitten owners. According to our stats, it's more fashionable than it was at this time last year.

In general, this name has stayed pretty consistent in terms of popularity with visitors.

In the past week, Cooper was viewed 45 times, and liked 2 times.

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Meaning: United States showman famous for his Wild West Show (1846-1917)
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